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Relationship Building Games for Couples

Have you ever wondered how a few games can actually help strengthen a relationship that can usually take a lot more time and effort to build on its own? Amazing, isn’t it? We all know how important it is to build a relationship the right way and nurture it properly, so that this phase of growing makes us happy with every passing moment. Honestly, when I first heard of these games, it took me by surprise. I mean, we all hear of those fun party games for couples, and games for couples to know each other, but to actually help build a relationship? This was certainly something new. However, I’m glad I came across them, as today, I can firmly say that they do help. These games, however casual they may seem, help you in knowing a lot of things about each other that you did not know before. The number of things you both will find out about each other will amuse you, and will only help deepen your love for each other and build a healthy relationship. Having said that, let’s go and check out some of them!

Interesting Relationship Building Games for Couples

This is a small quiz that you both need to arrange and take yourselves. Since you both are in a relationship, you must be knowing a lot about each other. Specially each others favorite colors, songs, movies, cuisines and say destinations. You both have to quiz each other on these topics and see who gets the maximum points. This will help both of you in knowing more about each other, and also how much there is yet to be known.

Enhancing Communication
Every month both of you have to write a letter to each other and that has to be a pre-decided number of pages long. I’m sure the girls are going to love this, but trust me, it isn’t easy when you have to do it every single month. This will help in, first, increasing the quality of conversation between the both of you and secondly, will also let out a lot of things that are unsaid. When you write about anything, your true feelings about that particular thing come out. Similarly, this relationship building game will help you understand what you both actually feel for each other.

Fulfilling a Wish
One of the best relationship building games for couples, this also helps when it comes to doing something to make each other happy. Write down 20 wishes each and put them in a box. Both of you need to write on two separate colors of paper, one for each. Once every month, each one of you has to fulfill one wish of the other person. This will help in adding to the surprise element in the relationship and doing something to make one another happy is always a good thing, isn’t it?! The wishes can be something as simple as cooking a meal, to going on a small holiday somewhere.

Free Tickets
All of us have a few things we want to do but our relationships don’t allow us to do so, and we willingly agree about it. There is nothing bad in it, as every relationship has certain boundaries that need to be followed. However, as one of the relationship games for couples, what you can do is let each other do something they want to but the relationship doesn’t usually allow them to. For example, you can buy your guy tickets to his favorite game along with friends, and similarly if you’re a guy, you can gift your girl an entire makeover! I’m not saying the relationship doesn’t allow you to do these things but somehow these take a backseat for sometime once you’re in a relationship.

Now that you know these relationship building games for couples, how about trying some of them sometime soon? You can also try all of them if you have the enthusiasm it takes. If nothing else, playing these games will help you to spend quality time with each other. These games help you in knowing things about each other you didn’t know before, in saying things that were unsaid for so long, and in finding out what makes the other person happy. Great, aren’t they?!

Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Spending quality time with your girlfriend is top priority for her (and it should be for you as well). Although you don’t necessarily need to be “doing” something every time, sitting idly, blowing time doesn’t seem “fun”, at times. There are many times when you just can’t find words or topics to discuss with your girlfriend over the phone. Although some people may find it lame, but it’s like, you really can’t help it, can you? I mean, we all have our moments, and at times, these moments can bring about silence for some. Now, if you are getting confused about my rambling here, then let me make it clear for you. You, the boyfriend, can’t find interesting topics to talk about with a girl (hopefully your girlfriend) and need some desperate help to keep her entertained. What next? How about some interesting games to play with your girlfriend?

There can be times when she’s at school, work, or at home and you guys can’t meet at that moment. Or how about this, you two are together, but haven’t really made a decision to do something. What then? Wouldn’t you want to make things a bit more interesting? I’m going to assume that the answer is a ‘yes’ and move on. For one of those days when you just can’t think of anything else to do, try our suggestions to spend quality time together.

Play Games on the Phone

Because of unavoidable distance between both of you, perhaps she’s stuck in a family thing, grounded at home, or some other reason, you can’t meet at that particular hour. What is an alternative to not meeting: talking on the cell phone. You can definitely try some of our suggestions and ideas; and it won’t cost you a dime (if you have enough minutes left on your phone). Apart from that, these fun things for couples to do on the cell phone will make you feel a lot closer than you actually are.

Naughty Truth or Dare
This is no normal truth or dare; it’s naughty truth or dare on the phone. Okay, didn’t mean to make it sound serious, because this game is for fun purposes. Not just a party game, you can have a good list of truth or dare questions for one another and keep a score. Whoever answers and completes these questions, wins. Oh, and the other one has to get the winner a nice present. Now when I add “naughty” in the mix, you know exactly what can happen. The sky’s actually the limit. You can ask intimate questions and have the other person do sexy dares (but be sure not to go overboard). Try them out. You might be surprised as to how much fun this game can be.

Would You Rather…
This is more of a conversational game, so that’s why I selected it as one of our exciting games. What you have to do is ask your girlfriend a series of precarious questions (it’ll be fun if you asked questions in turn). Let me give you examples:
Would you rather always get first dibs or the last laugh?
Would you rather eat a shot glass full of live wasps or eat a shot glass?
Would you rather have a kangaroo or koala as your pet?
Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?
Would you rather be able to stop time or fly?
This game is a good way to get to know one another on a better level. Ask questions that you’ve always wanted to, but never could. It will be a good break for you both and the time will pass quickly.

Prank Calls
Now before you get ahead of yourself, take a few steps back and first read. I am not asking you to make prank calls on people. What I mean to say here is, the prank calls will be between you two. You will tell each other what would you say or do while making a pretend prank call on someone. Giggles and laughter are sure to follow with this game.

Play Games While Texting

If she’s hanging out with her friends, babysitting a kid, or stuck at a family occasion, and you can’t find an opportunity to speak to her, what can you do about it? How about playing a game through text messages? It’s a great way to be in contact, have some laughs, and really connect with one another.

20 Questions
It’s a very popular game where you get to ask 20 questions to one another and spend some time getting to know one another. You don’t even have to think or rehearse or write about these 20 questions before both of you play. You can start with any random questions to ask your girlfriend and go from there. Once you’ve asked your questions, she can do the same. So, are you ready?

Poem Time
This a fun game to play that tests both your creative side. Pick any poem that both of you are familiar with like ‘Rose are red…’ or ‘If you forgot me…’ and text her this: Be creative and add a line to it. So first, you will text her ‘Roses are red’ and then she has to reply in her own way. It’s one of the best activity that will help you spend quality time with her and come closer.

Message in a Book
Both of you will take a book, magazine, or newspaper (one each) and sit a bit farther away from one another. Take a pencil (because we don’t want to ruin a book) and circle letters in. Now the fun part is, instead of writing each other love notes, you will circle the words and create sentences. Once you are done, exchange the books and read the message. Isn’t that romantic!

These were some of the inexpensive and innovative ways to spend time with your girlfriend. As you play these fun games, you will eventually come up with new games as well. Play one or all of them. Oh and if you have any fun games to play with your girlfriend, do let us know about it as well. More games definitely means more fun.

Rules and Hard Phrases to Play the Telephone Game

The Telephone game is popularly referred to as ‘Chinese Whispers’, ‘Broken Telephone’, or ‘Pass the Message’. The term Chinese Whispers has been considered offensive as it denotes sheer confusion and can be misinterpreted as the Chinese language being incomprehensible. This inability of comprehension of a language is also seen in another idiom, ‘It’s all Greek and Latin to me!’.

So let’s be on the safer side and simply call the game Telephone or Broken Telephone. The game is meant for settings involving a lot of people, like parties, or as a fun activity in school. The game pairs really good with kids as they are more likely to make audition errors, which is the sole intent of the game. The object of the game is to pass on a message from one person to the other via several others.

Let’s begin with the Broken Telephone game rules, and then move on to some examples of humorous phrases that can be used to make the game more funny.

How to Play the Broken Telephone Game

➔ To play the Telephone or the Broken Telephone game, there should be a minimum of 6-8 heads. Try including as many people as you can as it will make the game more fun and entertaining.

➔ Make everyone stand in a straight line. For bigger groups, even a circular arrangement would work.

➔ Start the game by whispering a word or preferably a phrase in the ear of the person standing next to you. Try whispering as softly as possible to avoid any other person from hearing it. Let’s assume that the phrase whispered is “bananas are better than biscuits.”

➔ The next person whispers whatever he/she heard to the person standing next to him, and the game continues in this fashion until the last person receives the phrase.

➔ The fun actually begins when each person hears and communicates a different version of the original phrase to the next person. So for instance, the third or fourth person might have heard “bananas are bitter than biscuits”, and till it reaches the last person, it could have been something like this, “bandannas are butter and lipsticks.”

➔ The first and the last person say aloud the original and modified phrase, respectively. In most cases, both the phrases have no connection at all, especially the last phrase being completely weird and funny, getting a hearty laugh out of everyone.

Hard Phrases for the Broken Telephone Game

❝I’d love eating toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches.❞

❝The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and says hello to the cat.❞

❝The angry birds ate candy and crushed the subway surfer.❞

❝A pink pig and a pesky donkey flew a kite at night.❞

❝Rabbits rumble, giants grumble, dogs bark in the dark, and wolves woo in the blue.❞

❝Wednesday is the hump day, but is the camel happy about it.❞

❝Alex the Alsatian ate eleven Éclairs in the evening with an Espresso.❞

❝The Martians invested in shares when the NASDAQ dropped several feet.❞

❝Roger racketed seventeen balls against Sylvester alone.❞

❝Bob the builder rented Oswald’s apartment and borrowed Noddy’s car.❞