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Cooperative Games for Kids

screen3Kids are generally very impressionable, which is why when we impart any kind of knowledge, habits, or wisdom, we have to be very careful. There are times when we don’t even realize the kind of impression kids have when we do or say certain things. Similar is the case when you are hosting a party and are having them play competitive kids’ party games. Since most games or competitive, it is hard to figure what a child will make of losing or winning a game. Moreover, not only their own loss, but sometimes the victory of others in the game also affects them badly. Till they understand that winning and losing is a part of life, and learn to come to terms with it, it is advisable to try to avoid such situations when it is in your hands. In cases like these, cooperative games for kids are a great choice. The idea behind these games is that all children enjoy the game, without winning or losing, that kids learn to cooperate with each other, and that also imparts a kind of team spirit among them. Usually, these games are extremely fun and giggly. It is possible that sometimes, such group games may get boring, which is why it is important to keep modifying the rules of the game, and put an end to it so as to keep the fun alive. While some of these can be played indoors, others can easily be enjoyed even outdoors. Here are some games kids can indulge in.

A Knotty Affair

This is one of the most fun games for kids in a medium-sized group (say 8-9 kids). All kids are to be blindfolded, and made to stand in a circle. On your call, ask them to step forward and grab hold of any hand across them. Each hand should be holding another kid’s hand. Remove the blindfold, and again on your call, ask the kids to start untangling themselves into a complete circle, but without leaving their hands. This means that kids will have to go under and over each other to untangle themselves. Watch them laugh and enjoy as they attempt to free themselves of all these knots.

Chain Tag

In this game, one kid is chosen to chase the others and tag them. As and when a kid is tagged, the tagged kids hold hands to form a chain and try to tag the remaining kids. As the chain grows longer, it becomes more and more difficult to maneuver it to chase and tag other kids. Here, kids cooperate with each other to work together as a team and make the most of this challenge and fulfill their task. While the underlying concept of this game is to build a team spirit, chain tag as one of the best outdoor party games for kids calls for a lot of fun among the little ones!

Ten Things To Do

Another fun party game to play among a large number of kids is to have all of them collect in a group and assign a leader. The leader will give them instructions to perform an activity, and all of them have to do it together. For instance, if the leader instructs, ‘do a somersault’, then all the kids will do a somersault. If she/he instructs, ‘play leap frog with your neighbor’, then the kids will continue doing it till the leader shouts ‘stop’! The number of instructions can be varied, whacky, and as outrageous as you think the kids can manage. Kids can play this game both, indoors and outdoors, until they tire of it.

Create Your Own Story

This game is a great ice breaker game for kids. It revolves around starting with a minor object, and weaving a story around it. Have kids sit in a group and close their eyes. Ask one to imagine a small thing such as a lid. The next kid will add another detail to it. For instance, this could be ‘a lid of a bottle of jam’. Then the next kid will add a detail like ‘a slice of bread next to the bottle of jam’. This continues to create a beautiful picture among the little ones. Keep an account of the details added and recount every detail to tell them of the picture they have created.

It Fits!

This is perhaps one of the funniest indoor games for kids that they can enjoy together. Line up a few bottles, and tie a pencil to a long piece of string. Now tie this string around the waist of the little ones, and the pencil should hang at least 6 inches from the waist. Now line up the kids in front of the bottles, and have them try to put the pencil in the bottle. While this is sure to send them into peals of laughter, have them move ahead and try to put the pencil in each bottle that you have lined up. For further variations, tie the pencil in different positions; in the front, at the back (definitely more challenging), and on either side!

With these cooperative games, not only are you doing away with the competition, you are also introducing kids to a lot of fun without any pressure. Use these as birthday party games, or simply for some kiddy fun, the kids are going to have wonderful and memorable time!

Fun Games for Boys

download-19If we go by the nature of boys, games that are action-packed interest them the most. Outdoor games, video games and online games that take into account these factors are said to interest boys. Kids love to play online games and especially the role-playing ones. Party and outdoor games are also quite interesting and fun to play. A short account of different games that boys would enjoy is presented below.

Different Fun Games for Boys
The various games for boys include online games, party games, and simple indoor and outdoor games played in everyday life. There are many cool games on the Internet. Most of these are racing games while those with soccer and other sports themes too form a large chunk. Let us find more information on these games.

Video and Online Games
There are many games available online, which can be played with the help of different types of consoles. ‘Crash of the Titans’ is one such action-adventure game played with ‘Xbox 360’, ‘PlayStation Portable’, ‘Playstation 2’ and ‘Wii’. The game is developed by ‘Radical Entertainment’ a video game developing company based in Vancouver, Canada. Soccer fans would find the ‘FIFA’ series to be interesting. These soccer based video games are developed by EA (Electronic Arts) Sports. Notable features of this game include the incorporation of 27 leagues, more than 510 teams and over 10,000 players. The ‘Ford Racing’ series also is a popular video game. It can be played on platforms like ‘PC’, ‘Playstation’ and ‘Xbox’. The online games include ‘Pacman’ series and many such interesting games. There are shooting games, racing games and other types with sports being the common factor. One can think about playing different games from these free fun games.

Party Games
There are many games for boys that can be played at parties. Some of the popular games include ‘Treasure Hunting’, ‘Paintball’ and ‘Obstacle Course’; boys enjoy such action-packed games. Let us have a look the different games one-by-one.

Paintball: In this game, balloons are filled with water that is mixed in soluble paints. Generally the shades of blue or red are used to make the water colorful. Boys should be divided in 2 teams say, red team and blue team for this game. The method/format of the game is simple to understand. Players in both teams have to hit their opponents with these water-filled balloons. A no-man’s land should be created in order to keep both teams away from each other, so that other players don’t come too close to each other. It gives a fair chance for players to duck and hit as well.

Treasure Hunting: It is one of the popular games played at parties. In treasure hunting, the participants are divided in two groups. Each group or team is given a list of items to search. The items can be anything that we use in day-to-day life such like books, toys, crayon boxes, etc. The number of items to be searched can be small or large depending on the age-group of children.

Obstacle Course: The obstacle course is not only an interesting party game, but also a nice way to give some physical exercise to children. Different types of obstacle courses can be used for this game. The game includes courses like the blowup pool for children to wade through. Climbing trees, short races with hurdles, etc. can also be used as obstacle courses in party games.

Sack Race: The game of sack race always interests kids and it can be played at parties too. One can make this game as complicated as possible by increasing the level of difficulty. Basically, the game requires pairs of players to compete in a race. One leg of each of the player is tied to that of other player. Racing in this position can be awkward and also fun. Hurdles can be added to make the race even more difficult.

Bursting Balloons: This is a fun game that requires materials such as balloons and magnifying glasses. A bright sunny day is necessary for playing this game; this is because sunrays concentrated through magnifying glasses are used to burst balloons. The player who is able to burst maximum number of balloons in a given time should be declared winner.

Outdoor Games
These games would provide some good exercise and also test your presence of mind. The game of bucket-filling requires you to be quick. The other games are equally fun and interesting.

Filling the Bucket: This is a team game which requires a pair of large buckets, two medium-sized buckets and two cups. The participants should be divided into two groups and asked to stand in a line. The two large buckets need to be filled with water and placed at the end of each of these lines. Medium-sized buckets should be placed at the other end of these lines. The objective in this game is to fill the medium-sized buckets with water in lesser time than the opposing team. The player standing next to the large bucket has to fill the cup with water and pass it to the next player. The water-filled cup should be passed onto the last player who is standing next to the empty, medium-sized bucket. After emptying the cup into the bucket, this player has to run and stand at the opposite end of the line; from where he has to fill the cup and pass it on to the next one. This cycle of filling and emptying the cup should continue until one of the team fills their bucket. The team which fills their bucket early wins the game.

Crossing and Tagging: This game doesn’t necessarily need a large group however, becomes enjoyable with large number of players involved. Two lines with a distance of 10-15 feet between them should be drawn on the ground. One of the players has to stand between these lines; other players should face him and stand at certain distance from the line between them. These players have to cross, both the lines that their opponent is guarding. This, solitary player who is standing between the two lines and who guards them is required to tag his opponents while they try to cross. Those players who are tagged by this guard join him and they together try and tag the remaining players. The player who gets tagged in the end is declared as winner.

The article above incorporates information about games from different categories. Starting from the party games to the outdoor games and the ones played online, these are some of the best games you can play. There are many more games that can be played at parties and also outdoors. However, you would definitely enjoy those mentioned above.

Fun Games to Play with Friends

We’re sure you agree that your friends are the best thing that could happen to you. The madness, the bonding, sharing a big part of your life, knowing that there always is going to be someone witnessing every aspect of your life, isn’t that just the best feeling ever? No one, not even our parents can take the place of our friends, right? In fact, we all have had phases in life where we share those little secrets with only our buddies, and nobody else at all.

The games we play as kids undergo a sea of change as we grow up. Meaning, of course adults are not known to play games in the conventional sense of the word. However, let us consider that you have invited some friends over to your place. What options do you have to entertain them and make sure they don’t regret coming over thanks to boredom? Allow us to unfold some options for you.

Fun Games to Play When Bored

On a hindsight, just being with my best buddies and chatting with them, having a great conversation with teasing and loads of back slapping and high fives gives us a great high. We do not need to do anything else. However, here are some games that can also be enjoyed.

Dare Bare
The king of teen and young adult games―yes sir, we’re talking about truth or dare! This is one of the best games to play with your friends, rather than acquaintances or someone who you know distantly. As you all know each other well, you know if someone is touchy or not and can then handle that appropriately. Obviously, you will need to have some naughty truth or dare questions to make it all the more fun. But make sure that these ideas don’t go overboard!

Dumb charades is one of the best and most popular indoor activities. The aim is to act out anything – a movie name, a phrase, a song or anything else without saying a word. You are allowed only to use gestures and body language. Form teams and play this game; it is real fun! The person enacting has to be given the phrase to be enacted by the opposite team.

Sound of Music
If you have a karaoke system at home, excellent! What else do you need? Each person can sing a song they like and you can see who scores the most with the most perfect lyrics and voice. If you don’t have a karaoke system at home, this can even be done at a club or a similar kind of joint. Isn’t this a great idea? We are sure this one will be great fun!

Ramble with Marble
What you need for this one is just some open space, preferably outdoors. What you do is draw a ring on the ground to indicate the playing area. Then choose a starting line and allow those playing to shoot marbles only once. The objective is that each player has to try to shoot in the direction of the other marbles and push them out of the ring. This will continue till you are the only player left with a marble in the ring!

If Looks Could Kill
This game can be played by any number of people; in fact, the more the merrier! Make chits that are equal to the number of players. Write ‘murderer’ on one chit, ‘detective’ on another, and write ‘victim’ on all the others. Shuffle the chits, and let each person pick one without disclosing who he or she is. The motive of the murderer is to wink at people to kill them, without letting the detective guess who the murderer is. Sneaky, eh? The detective has to identify the murderer. The only clues he gets are when a victim declares ‘dead’ after he is winked at by the murderer. Oh, thrilling!

Want some more options? Well, you can play soccer, cards, take a map, spot a tiny place and ask the others to find it! The list is almost endless. If you are at home, you can also play online.

At the end of the day, the choice of game depends on the mood and the situation that you are in. But whatever the situation, we think if you are with your best buddies, you can make the most of it! Have a blast!

Unbelievably Awesome Winter Games for Kids

When it’s too cold to play outside, kids need something to keep them occupied. Playing same old games indoors and outdoors can make them irritated. Coming up with new winter games can be a challenge for parents and teachers at school if kids have already played the games you’ve suggested. To overcome this dilemma, check out these fun games for kids which will make them jump up in their seats with joy.

Outdoor Games

Clear the Obstacles
Make 10 snowballs of about two ft and 5 ft tall away from each other. Divide everyone into two groups and choose a leader in each group. Each team jumps over the obstacles while following their leader. The other team checks if no one is cheating and counts how many players finished jumping over all the 10 obstacles. The team with the highest score wins.

Write Names in the Snow
Take your kids outside once you’ve got your gloves, hats, coats, scarves, and boots ready. Stand in the snow and drag your feet across the snow. Write your name in the snow as you are dragging your feet in it. Once you’re done, go to your room and check out your name in the snow. This exciting game is a great way to stay warm even when there’s snow outside, as there’s lot of physical activity involved in it.

Colored Snow
Take two spray bottles and two squeeze bottles, and fill it up with four different colored water. You can use food colors to make the mix. Take the bottles out in the snow. Try to make various shapes and figures out of snow. You can also make a big circle in the snow and set it as a target. Stand 5-10 ft away from the target and try to spray inside the target. Take turns and see who can make the target first.

If it’s too cold outside, take your kids to the nearest park or a beach, and spend the day outside rollerblading. Rollerblades help to keep your kids physically active while you can get a good workout as well. Challenge your kids to go faster than you can and have some fun in the winter sun. But before you go ahead with this activity, make sure you have all your safety gears on.

Indoor Games

Ghost in the Dark
This game is played in a group of 4―5 kids. One of the players will be the ghost while the others are victims. Find a base where the ghost will stand, and count, “1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, …12 o’clock.” As the ghost counts, the victims try to find a place to hide. Once the ghost has counted till 12, he/she shouts ‘midnight’, which means that the ghost will now find “the victims to kill”. Meanwhile, the victims try to run to the base before the ghost gets a chance to catch them. If the ghost catches someone, the ghost wins the game, and the person caught will be the next ghost.

Green Light/Red Light
For this game, one person plays a ‘stop light’ and the other players stand about 20 ft. away from the light. The game begins with the stop light saying green light, to which all the kids move towards him/her slowly. A few seconds later, the stop light yells red light, and the players have to stay still in their places. Anyone caught walking will be out of the game. The game continues till the last player remains.

Scavenger Hunt
Treasure hunt games are never out boring as they are one of the best games. Prepare a series of clues where one clue leads to another. These clues can be hidden in the kitchen cabinets, cushion covers, under the cookie jar, or anywhere inside the bathrooms. Make picture clues or maps for the kids to make the scavenger hunt more interesting. If they get stuck and can’t figure out the next clue, you can mention ‘getting warmer’ or ‘getting colder’ hints. Decide what prizes you want to keep for the one who solves the mystery first.

Guess Who
To play this game, you’ll need magazines, a box, 3 x 5 index cards, and glue. Find pictures of animals, cereal boxes, cartoon characters and movies. Cut the pictures and glue them on different 3 x 5 cards. Take the box and mix all the index cards in it. Pick one card at a time and try to describe the picture without saying it aloud. Let’s see how long your friends take to guess what that picture is. Take turns while playing the game.

Children never get tired of playing new and innovative games. It’s for you to decide whether you want to stay outside in the snow and occupy yourself with your kids, or get comfortable inside the house and play the games. Whatever you decide to do, have fun while playing these games and develop your child’s intellect. So get cozy with your kids this winter and have fun!

How to Play the Black Magic Mind Game

The Black Magic game is nothing but tricking the audience into perceiving that you have dark powers and can communicate through psychic messages. However, the audience would be well aware that every magic has some secret behind it, something like a signal or hidden gesture.

The task of the audience is to figure out this secret by carefully observing your act. But don’t worry, even if the audience is successful in guessing the secret; you can manipulate the trick by introducing a new secret.

It’s beginning to sound interesting, right? Then why wait, let’s get started. Take a look at how to play the Black Magic game.

Instructions to Play the Black Magic Mind Game

Create a Demonic Atmosphere

To make the trick feel real, create a demonic setting. Switch off the lights, and light some candles. If possible, arrange for some fake skulls and bones. Draw a pentagon symbol somewhere on the floor, and light candles on the five points around it.

Dress in a black-hooded sweatshirt, and leave your hair untied (if you’re a girl). Also, condition your gestures and expressions in such a way that the audience should feel that you’re constantly communicating with evil powers.

Arrange for an Assistant

Pick somebody from the crowd and take him to a separate room (do not pick a friend as the audience might get suspicious). You could fake this by saying that you need to penetrate his mind in order to form a psychic association.

However, the truth is that you have to explain the trick to your assistant and share your secret with him/her.

Explain the Trick

Once in the room, don’t forget to lock the door. Now, tell your assistant about the secret. The game would start when you leave the room and return to the audience; the assistant would come only when you call for him/her. When with the audience, you will ask a volunteer to point to an object present in the room; it could be anything from a chair to a person’s t-shirt.

To make the object clear, ask the volunteer to point to the object from a closer distance. Pointing is essential because naming it could make the audience think that the assistant might be eavesdropping. Now you call the assistant whom you have previously told a sequence, wherein the object you point to after any black object would be the one that the volunteer suggested. You may also ask your assistant to behave as if he’s being controlled by you.

Play the Game

Now return to the audience, and stick to the plan. When a volunteer has suggested an object, tell the audience that you’re going to use psychic powers to communicate the object to your assistant while he’s in the room. Blabber some spell or mantra to yourself with your eyes closed.

Call your assistant and pretend as if you’re gaining control over his mind. Look directly into his eyes and ask him to follow whatever you say. You could ask him to do stupid things like keeping his hand over his head, sitting on his knees, moving a few steps right/left/front/back leading him to the pentagon etc. Once in the pentagon, you could show as if he’s in complete control and follows whatever is going on in your mind.

Work the Trick

Now, point out to a few objects and ask your assistant whether it is the object you’re thinking about. For instance, you could say, “Is it Emma’s golden watch that I am thinking about?” or “Is it the broken chair that’s in my mind?” or “Am I thinking of the desktop computer?” etc.

As decided, point to a black object after you’re done with a few other objects. You could say, “Is it Natalie’s black stilettos that I am thinking of?” The assistant would reply negatively on this one, and positively on the next, which is the correct object. The audience for a second would be astonished when they hear the unexpected.

Ask the Audience to Guess the Secret

The audience would try guessing the trick; if they are wrong, you could do it once more in the same way. In case someone guesses right, you could deny and use a variation in your trick and display the act once again to confuse the audience.

For instance, you could use the number method on your second attempt. In this method, you decide a number previously with your assistant, let’s say it’s 6. The assistant would reply positively on your sixth question, which would be the correct object. This would leave the audience confused on what trick you actually used.


You could also use a coded gesture to communicate the object like taking one or two gradual steps towards the audience before asking the question, or lightly tapping the floor with your feet, or using a keyword when asking a question, etc.

May you be successful in tricking the audience and keeping your secret. Enjoy the game and have fun!